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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Horace G. Livingston, Jr. of Decatur, who
4passed away on June 19, 2014; and
5    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. was born in Decatur on
6November 10, 1921 to Arlusta Sanders Bates Livingston and
7Horace G. Livingston, Sr.; he married Osceen Ella Carmen in
8Clayton, Missouri in 1940 and served in the United States Navy
9during World War II; and
10    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. was well known for his
11notable works as publisher and editor for "The Voice Newspaper"
12which covered the areas of Bloomington, Decatur, and
13Springfield for 40 years; he previously worked in many other
14capacities; he was an owner and operator of a service station,
15music promoter, radio program host, brick layer, and
16construction worker, helping build St. Mary's Hospital; he was
17a civil rights activist and fought for many causes that have
18benefited the entire Decatur community; and
19    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. received several
20certificates, awards, and special recognitions from various
21local, State, and national organizations and agencies,
22including the Springfield Branch of the NAACP, Downstate IL



SR1320- 2 -LRB098 21859 MST 60716 r

1Enterprise Systems, Crime Stoppers, the Tumaro Corporation,
2Cans Across the Country, the Sanger Award, the American Muslim
3Mission (Decatur), the University of Illinois Cooperative
4Extension Service, the Department of Children and Family
5Services, Mayor for a Day, Youth at the Crossroads, D.I.M.E.S.
6Hall of Fame, One Church, One Child, the DOVE Board of
7Directors (Past President), Lakeview Elks Lodge 1132, the
8United Way, the Decatur Boys and Girls Club, the Economic
9Development Corporation, the City of Decatur, and the Macon
10County Historical Society; and
11    WHEREAS, In 2007, Horace Livingston, Jr. received the
12Stephen Decatur Medallion, the highest honor given from the
13City of Decatur which was presented by Mayor Paul Osborne; he
14was also a social and community activist and participated in
15food baskets for needy families, Christmas toys for needy
16children, the tennis extravaganza at Fairview Park, the Hickory
17Point Golf Tournament, and protest marches; and
18    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. was a long-time member of
19the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, where he was
20a trustee and assisted in the clothing room; and
21    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. was preceded in death by
22his parents; wife; sisters, Bertha Bates Day Washington, Mamie
23Lee Johnson, Odell Livingston, Charles Bates "Uncle Boots", and



SR1320- 3 -LRB098 21859 MST 60716 r

1Roy Lee Livingston; and
2    WHEREAS, Horace Livingston, Jr. is survived by his sons,
3Stanford G. Livingston, Mitchel (Carol) Livingston, Gregory
4(Freda) Livingston, Cornelius McGruder, Jeffrey (Sherri)
5Perkins, and Kerwin Jones; daughters, Lynnette (Grady) Mims,
6Sheila (Dell) Watson, Stephanie (Kyle Pierre) Nfr, Linda
7(Ricardo) Lopez, Lisa (Lester) Robinson, Gilda (Tim) Spencer,
8and Tamara (Tom) Rubio; brother, Otis (Honey Lee) Livingston;
9and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and
10great-great-children; therefore, be it
12ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
13Horace G. Livingston, Jr., and extend our sincere condolences
14to his family, friends, and all who knew and loved him; and be
15it further
16    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17presented to the family of Horace Livingston, Jr. as an
18expression of our deepest sympathy.