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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Richard Finn of Bunker Hill, who passed
4away on March 29, 2014; and
5    WHEREAS, Richard Finn was born in Alton on September 2,
61937; he married Carla Miller on November 28, 1964; and
7    WHEREAS, Richard Finn worked for a time at the Olin Powder
8Mill in Alton; he then worked for Neudecker Plastering in Alton
9and various other construction companies; he was a partner in
10his own construction company in Bunker Hill for several years;
11he also worked as a custodian at both Meissner Elementary
12School and Bunker Hill High School; and
13    WHEREAS, Richard Finn was an outdoorsman; he enjoyed
14fishing and various types of hunting and owned several hunting
15dogs; he owned several types of birds and his passion was show
16pigeons; he was a self-appointed master breeder of Modenas and
17Kings; he also enjoyed westerns and dining out; and
18    WHEREAS, Richard Finn was preceded in death by his birth
19parents, Mario "Pete" and Josephine "Pina" Finn; his adoptive
20parents, Pete and Louisa Manar; one brother and 3 sisters,
21Charles Manar, Angie Epperheimer, Edith Herren, and Lucy Ament;



SR1189- 2 -LRB098 21119 MST 58944 r

13 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters, Robert Finn, Jerry Watts,
2John Watts, Jo Ann Baldwin, and Kathy Sansone; 3
3brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law, Bruno Rubis, Eppie
4Epperheimer, John Ament, and Martha Manar; 2 uncles and one
5aunt, John Schenato, Joseph Schenato, and Nellie Hartman; and a
6life-long friend, John Schenato; and
7    WHEREAS, Richard Finn is survived by his wife of 49 years,
8Carla; 2 sons, Mark Finn and Heath Finn; 2 daughters-in-law,
9Jacqueline Finn and Darlene Finn; 3 grandchildren, Nicholas
10Finn, Nathan Finn, and Clayton Finn; one brother and one
11sister, Bill Manar and Rose Rubis; one brother-in-law, Gerald
12Herren; and nieces and nephews; therefore, be it
14ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
15Richard Finn, and extend our sincere condolences to his family,
16friends, and all who knew and loved him; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
18presented to the family of Richard Finn as an expression of our
19deepest sympathy.