Rep. Sidney H. Mathias

Filed: 5/3/2010





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 3749 on page 2,
3 line 23, after the period, by inserting the following:
4 "The provisions of this paragraph shall not be applicable to
5 any person or entity who obtains non-certified copies of
6 records in the following manner: (i) in bulk for all documents
7 recorded on any given day in an electronic or paper format for
8 a negotiated amount less than the amount provided for in this
9 paragraph for non-certified copies, (ii) under a contractual
10 relationship with the recorder for a negotiated amount less
11 than the amount provided for in this paragraph for
12 non-certified copies, or (iii) by means of Internet access
13 pursuant to Section 5-1106.1.".