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2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of J.M.
4 "Sully" Sullivan of Peoria, who passed away on March 31, 2010;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, He was born to H.T. "Tommy" and Colleen Kelleher
7 Sullivan in Peoria on Easter Sunday; he grew up in St.
8 Patrick's Parish, where he received his First Communion from
9 Bishop Fulton J. Sheen; he then became a member of Sacred Heart
10 Church; and
11     WHEREAS, He was in the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep) in Dak
12 To, Vietnam, and in the 18th Airborne Corps, United States
13 Army; he attended Illinois State University, where he founded
14 the Gamma Sigma Nu Fraternity, which later became the Sigma Nu
15 Fraternity; after college, he worked in pubs and in wholesale
16 in Bloomington; and
17     WHEREAS, In 1979, he moved back to Peoria and founded his
18 first two bars, Sully's Beach Club and Sully's Irish Pub, both
19 of which were located in Peoria Heights; subsequently, he
20 founded Sully's Pub and Cafe on Adams Street, Champions on
21 Farmington Road, Sullivan Rock Cafe on Sterling Avenue, Texas
22 Cafe on North Adams Street, Sullivan's Other Planet (SOP), ZZ



HR1088 - 2 - LRB096 21843 KXB 39779 r

1 Pops on Main Street, and Khaki Jacks on Allen Road, and also
2 served as sales manager for the Peoria Rivermen hockey team;
3 and
4     WHEREAS, In 1998, he met his wife, Molly (Mihm) and they
5 were married on May 20, 2006; together, they re-established
6 Sullivan's Pub on Main Street and F. Scott's Whiskey Bar on
7 Jefferson Street; in 2008, they established Sullivan's in
8 Peoria Heights; over the years, they also designed and
9 decorated other Peoria restaurants; and
10     WHEREAS, J.M. "Sully" Sullivan is survived by his wife,
11 Molly (Mihm) Sullivan; his daughter, Becky (Jim) Myszka and
12 their four children, Matt, Ben, Katie, and John; his mother,
13 Colleen; his sisters, Maureen (Brice) Baumgarten, Dodie
14 (Steve) Gomer, Margaret (Chuck) Walter, Becky (John) Blasek,
15 Tracy (John) Meisinger, Susie Blasek, Mary (Danny) Arnold, and
16 Colleen (Dave) DeFord; and his brother, Pat (Lark); also
17 surviving are his beloved nieces and nephews and their
18 families; therefore, be it
21 mourn, along with his family and friends, the passing of J.M.
22 Sullivan; and be it further



HR1088 - 3 - LRB096 21843 KXB 39779 r

1     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2 presented to the family of J.M. Sullivan as a symbol of our
3 sincere sympathy.