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2     WHEREAS, The General Assembly wishes to ensure that the
3 State of Illinois encourages economic development
4 opportunities for citizens in all parts of the State; and
5     WHEREAS, The Toney Watkins Company has proposed to develop
6 an economic development project that, if realized, will provide
7 substantial economic benefit to the State of Illinois and Perry
8 County, Illinois in particular; and
9     WHEREAS, Said project requires the transfer of certain land
10 currently managed by the Illinois Department of Natural
11 Resources to the Toney Watkins Company in exchange for a
12 property of equivalent condition, size, and use; and
13     WHEREAS, The General Assembly finds that development
14 opportunities expected to be facilitated by the exchange
15 proposed by the Toney Watkins Company between it and the
16 Illinois Department of Natural Resources will result in a
17 minimum private investment of $100,000,000 and approximately
18 2,500 jobs; therefore, be it
21 CONCURRING HEREIN, that the General Assembly requests that the



SJ0064 - 2 - LRB095 12469 WGH 37615 r

1 Department of Natural Resources meet with representatives of
2 the Toney Watkins Company and its designees to explore the
3 possibility of executing a conveyance of property within Perry
4 County, Illinois to the Toney Watkins Company in consideration
5 of an exchange of property of substantially equivalent
6 condition and use for certain economic development purposes;
7 and be it further
8     RESOLVED, That any legislative action required for the
9 transfer of property proposed for this project shall be
10 contingent upon the Director of Natural Resources making a
11 finding that the properties involved in any proposed exchange
12 be of equal value, size, and attributes; and be it further
13     RESOLVED, That, if legislative authorization is granted
14 for such a property transfer, conveyance negotiations shall not
15 be initiated by the Director of Natural Resources or the
16 Director's designee until: (i) the Department of Natural
17 Resources is in receipt of a bond in the amount of 10% of the
18 appraised value of the property to be conveyed and (ii) the
19 submission of completed applications for any and all assistance
20 being sought from the Department of Commerce and Economic
21 Opportunity, the Illinois Finance Authority, and any other
22 federal, State, or local government agencies; and be it further
23     RESOLVED, That conveyance of the agreed upon property shall



SJ0064 - 3 - LRB095 12469 WGH 37615 r

1 be contingent upon the State of Illinois and the Toney Watkins
2 Company entering into a contract under which the Toney Watkins
3 Company agrees to pay a sum of money to the State of Illinois
4 and perform certain activities regarding the remediation and
5 restoration of the property to be transferred to the State of
6 Illinois.