Sen. Gary G. Dahl

Filed: 3/23/2007





09500SB1606sam001 LRB095 10907 BDD 34509 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1606 as follows:
3 on page 1, line 8, by changing "The" to "Subject to
4 appropriation, the"; and
5 on page 1, line 14, after "study.", by inserting "The study may
6 build upon previous efforts by the Department, including
7 studies conducted under its Critical Skills Shortage
8 Initiative, which brought together private-sector employers
9 and economic development entities as well as workforce,
10 educational, and public-sector representatives to identify
11 growth industries, industry skills shortages, and demand
12 occupations, to determine root causes for the shortages, and to
13 develop solutions to fill the skills gaps and worker
14 shortages.".