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2     WHEREAS, Every day, an estimated 65,000 Illinoisans
3 struggle with the disabling and life-altering impact of lupus,
4 a chronic auto-immune disease; and
5     WHEREAS, Lupus occurs when the immune system is unbalanced,
6 causing it to become destructive to any major organ or tissue
7 in the body and is a serious disease that can damage vital
8 organs, such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, and brain; and the
9 disease can cause seizures, strokes, heart attacks,
10 miscarriages, and organ failure leading to significant
11 disability or death; and
12     WHEREAS, Lupus can be very unpredictable and is potentially
13 fatal, yet no satisfactory treatment or cure exists; and
14     WHEREAS, Lupus can attack the body for years before the
15 disease is diagnosed and symptoms mimic common illnesses and
16 often are dismissed as nothing serious and more than half of
17 the people with lupus suffer four or more years and visit three
18 or more doctors before receiving a correct diagnosis; and
19     WHEREAS, Awareness of lupus is lowest among women 18-24,
20 the age group most likely to develop the disease; and



HR1184 - 2 - LRB095 20765 KXB 49330 r

1     WHEREAS, Late diagnosis and delayed treatment contribute
2 to poor outcomes and increases morbidity and mortality; and
3     WHEREAS, While most Americans are aware of the signs and
4 health risks of breast cancer or heart disease, relatively few
5 are aware of lupus, that disproportionately strikes young women
6 between the ages of 15 and 45; and
7     WHEREAS, Early recognition, diagnosis, and proper medical
8 care of lupus can often prevent or reduce serious health
9 complications, such as heart disease, strokes, seizures, and
10 kidney failure; and
11     WHEREAS, Raising awareness about lupus is important and can
12 result in saving lives; it will provide hope for those living
13 with lupus and comfort to those whose loved ones have lost
14 their battle; it will inform the general public about the
15 symptoms of lupus and possibly save lives; it will affirm the
16 need for increased funding to researchers and medical
17 professionals so they can continue their work to improve the
18 outlook for lupus patients; and
19     WHEREAS, The month of May has been designated as Lupus
20 Awareness Month, observed to disseminate medically sound
21 information about lupus, increase public understanding of the
22 physical, emotional, and economic impact of the disease and



HR1184 - 3 - LRB095 20765 KXB 49330 r

1 provide support, services, and hope to all people affected by
2 lupus; therefore, be it
5 declare May of each year to be Lupus Awareness Month in the
6 State of Illinois, and we encourage all citizens to increase
7 awareness, education, and services for Lupus which each year
8 affects thousands of Illinoisans; and be it further
9     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10 presented to Diane Herr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of
11 the Lupus Foundation of America, Illinois Chapter
12 headquartered in Chicago.