HR0541 LRB095 12493 GRL 37680 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate Maureen T. Savas on
4 her retirement as Principal of Nightingale Elementary School;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas has dedicated 34 years to the
7 Chicago Public Schools; she has worked for Goldblatt Elementary
8 School, Saucedo Magnet School, Bethune Elementary School,
9 Nightingale Elementary School, and the District 8 office; she
10 began her career as a Special Education teacher and Intensive
11 Reading Improvement Teacher at Goldblatt; during her career she
12 has worked as a Curriculum Coordinator, Technology
13 Coordinator, Illinois Quality Review Team Member, Assistant
14 Principal, Principal, and Principal Mentor; she has been
15 involved with the Principal Technology Leadership Program; she
16 was instrumental in the opening of Saucedo Magnet, Carson
17 Elementary School and Ruiz Elementary School; for the past 6
18 years, she has led Nightingale as Principal with great success
19 in raising the school's test scores, pioneering the school's
20 technology program, and making Nightingale an autonomous
21 school; and
22     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas has been involved with the CPS
23 Task Force on School Reform and the Computer Education



HR0541 - 2 - LRB095 12493 GRL 37680 r

1 Fellowship at University of Illinois; she was the recipient of
2 the Phi Delta Kappa Educator of the Year Award and was given a
3 AMPS School Designation; and
4     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas has been the recipient of the 4
5 CPS Incentive Grant, the High Tech Incentive Grant, the Chicago
6 Foundation for Education Grant, the Urban Gateways Grant, the
7 Logo Robotics Laboratory Grant, and the Bilingual Language
8 Laboratory Grant; and
9     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas is a member of Phi Delta Kappa,
10 the Illinois Reading Association, the Association for
11 Supervision and Curriculum Development and the Chicago
12 Principals Association; and
13     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas is the daughter of Robert and
14 Mary Kubiak; she is the sister of Kathleen Ptak, and Robert,
15 Kenneth, and William Kubial; she is the proud mother of William
16 Svec and mother in law to Lynn; and she has been married to
17 Warren Franzyk for 8 wonderful years; and
18     WHEREAS, Maureen T. Savas is an avid traveler and dancer;
19 she is also an avid Cubs fan, who attends White Sox games;
20 therefore, be it



HR0541 - 3 - LRB095 12493 GRL 37680 r

2 congratulate Maureen T. Savas on her retirement and wish her
3 continued success and happiness in the future; and be it
4 further
5     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6 presented to Maureen T. Savas as a symbol of our esteem and
7 respect.