Sen. Heather Steans

Filed: 5/20/2008





09500HB5191sam002 LRB095 15204 RLC 51143 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5191 on page 2, line
3 14, by inserting after the semi-colon the following:
4 "however, the authority provided to the Department of State
5 Police under this subsection (b-5) to deny an application for
6 or to revoke and seize a Firearm Owner's Identification Card
7 previously issued under this Act shall not be the basis to deny
8 an application for or to revoke and seize a Firearm Owner's
9 Identification Card previously issued under this Act, if the
10 person under 21 years of age no longer resides with the parent
11 or guardian described in this subsection (b-5);"; and
12 on page 5, by deleting lines 1 through 23.