Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee

Filed: 3/6/2008





09500HB4651ham002 LRB095 17727 RLC 47655 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4651 on page 1, by
3 replacing lines 9 and 10 with the following:
4 "emergency vehicle" means emergency vehicles of municipal
5 departments or public service corporations as designated or
6 authorized by proper local authorities; police vehicles;
7 vehicles of the fire department; vehicles of a HazMat or
8 technical rescue team authorized by a county board under
9 Section 5-1127 of the Counties Code; ambulances; vehicles of
10 the Illinois Emergency Management Agency; vehicles of the
11 Illinois Department of Public Health; tow trucks solicited by
12 emergency workers; and vehicles of the Illinois Department of
13 Transportation.".