Sen. J. Bradley Burzynski

Filed: 5/9/2007





09500HB1969sam003 LRB095 11335 NHT 36108 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1969, AS AMENDED, in
3 Section 5, Sec. 19-1, immediately below subsec. (p-30), by
4 inserting the following:
5     "(p-35) In addition to all other authority to issue bonds,
6 Prairie Hill Community Consolidated School District 133 may
7 issue bonds with an aggregate principal amount not to exceed
8 $13,900,000, but only if all of the following conditions are
9 met:
10         (i) The voters of the district approved a proposition
11     for the bond issuance at an election held on April 17,
12     2007.
13         (ii) At the time of the sale of the bonds, the school
14     board determines, by resolution, that (A) the improvement
15     of the site of and the building and equipping of a school
16     building are required as a result of a projected increase
17     in the enrollment of students in the district and (B) the
18     repairing and equipping of the Prairie Hill Elementary



09500HB1969sam003 - 2 - LRB095 11335 NHT 36108 a

1     School building is required because of the age of that
2     school building.
3         (iii) The bonds are issued, in one or more bond
4     issuances, on or before December 31, 2011, but the
5     aggregate principal amount issued in all such bond
6     issuances combined must not exceed $13,900,000.
7         (iv) The bonds are issued in accordance with this
8     Article.
9         (v) The proceeds of the bonds are used to accomplish
10     only those projects approved by the voters at an election
11     held on April 17. 2007.
12     The debt incurred on any bonds issued under this subsection
13 (p-35) shall not be considered indebtedness for purposes of any
14 statutory debt limitation.".