HB0808 Engrossed LRB095 10044 DRJ 30258 b

1     AN ACT concerning regulation.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act is
5 amended by changing Section 35 as follows:
6     (210 ILCS 9/35)
7     Sec. 35. Issuance of license.
8     (a) Upon receipt and review of an application for a license
9 and review of the applicant establishment, the Director may
10 issue a license if he or she finds:
11         (1) that the individual applicant, or the corporation,
12     partnership, or other entity if the applicant is not an
13     individual, is a person responsible and suitable to operate
14     or to direct or participate in the operation of an
15     establishment by virtue of financial capacity, appropriate
16     business or professional experience, a record of lawful
17     compliance with lawful orders of the Department and lack of
18     revocation of a license issued under this Act or the
19     Nursing Home Care Act during the previous 5 years;
20         (2) that the establishment is under the supervision of
21     a full-time director who is at least 21 years of age with
22     ability, training, and education appropriate to meet the
23     needs of the residents and to manage the operations of the



HB0808 Engrossed - 2 - LRB095 10044 DRJ 30258 b

1     establishment and who participates in ongoing training for
2     these purposes;
3         (3) that the establishment has staff sufficient in
4     number with qualifications, adequate skills, education,
5     and experience to meet the 24 hour scheduled and
6     unscheduled needs of residents and who participate in
7     ongoing training to serve the resident population;
8         (4) that all employees who are subject to the Health
9     Care Worker Background Check Act direct care staff meet the
10     requirements of that the Health Care Worker Background
11     Check Act;
12         (5) that the applicant is in substantial compliance
13     with this Act and such other requirements for a license as
14     the Department by rule may establish under this Act;
15         (6) that the applicant pays all required fees;
16         (7) that the applicant has provided to the Department
17     an accurate disclosure document in accordance with the
18     Alzheimer's Special Care Disclosure Act and in substantial
19     compliance with Section 150 of this Act.
20     Any license issued by the Director shall state the physical
21 location of the establishment, the date the license was issued,
22 and the expiration date. All licenses shall be valid for one
23 year, except as provided in Section 40. Each license shall be
24 issued only for the premises and persons named in the
25 application, and shall not be transferable or assignable.
26 (Source: P.A. 93-141, eff. 7-10-03.)



HB0808 Engrossed - 3 - LRB095 10044 DRJ 30258 b

1     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
2 becoming law.