Rep. Charles E. Jefferson

Filed: 5/3/2006





09400SB1892ham002 LRB094 11429 BDD 58806 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1892 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. If and only if Senate Bill 17 of the 94th
5 General Assembly becomes law, the River Edge Redevelopment Zone
6 Act is amended by changing Sections 10-2, 10-4, and 10-5.3 as
7 follows:
8     (94SB17 Art. 10, Sec. 10-2)
9     Sec. 10-2. Findings. The General Assembly finds and
10 declares that those municipalities adjacent to or surrounding
11 river areas often lack critical tools to safely revive and
12 redevelop environmentally-challenged properties that will
13 stimulate economic revitalization and create jobs in Illinois.
14 Environmentally-challenged properties adjacent to or
15 surrounding Illinois rivers are a threat to the health, safety,
16 and welfare of the people of this State. Many of these
17 environmentally-challenged properties adjacent to or
18 surrounding rivers were former industrial areas that now,
19 subject to appropriate environmental clean-up and remediation,
20 would be ideal for office, residential, retail, hospitality,
21 commercial, recreational, warehouse and distribution, and
22 other economically productive uses. The cost of the cleaning
23 and remediation of these environmentally-challenged properties
24 is often the primary obstacle to returning these properties to



09400SB1892ham002 - 2 - LRB094 11429 BDD 58806 a

1 a safe and economically productive use.
2     Cooperative and continuous partnership among the State,
3 through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and
4 the Environmental Protection Agency, municipalities adjacent
5 to or surrounding rivers, and the private sector is necessary
6 to appropriately encourage the cost-effective cleaning and
7 remediation of these environmentally-challenged properties in
8 order to bring about a safe and economically productive use of
9 the properties.
10      Therefore, it is declared to be the purpose of this Act to
11 identify and initiate 3 2 pilot River Edge Redevelopment Zones
12 to stimulate the safe and cost-effective re-use of
13 environmentally-challenged properties adjacent to or
14 surrounding rivers by means of tax incentives or grants.
15 (Source: 94SB17ham003.)
16     (94SB17 Art. 10, Sec. 10-4)
17     Sec. 10-4. Qualifications for River Edge Redevelopment
18 Zones. An area is qualified to become a zone if it:
19         (1) is a contiguous area adjacent to or surrounding a
20     river;
21         (2) comprises a minimum of one half square mile and not
22     more than 12 square miles, exclusive of lakes and
23     waterways;
24         (3) satisfies any additional criteria established by
25     the Department consistent with the purposes of this Act;
26         (4) is entirely within a single home rule municipality;
27     and
28         (5) has at least 100 acres of environmentally
29     challenged land within 1500 yards of the riverfront.
30 (Source: 94SB17ham003.)
31     (94SB17 Art. 10, Sec. 10-5.3)
32     Sec. 10-5.3. Certification of River Edge Redevelopment



09400SB1892ham002 - 3 - LRB094 11429 BDD 58806 a

1 Zones.
2     (a) Approval of designated River Edge Redevelopment Zones
3 shall be made by the Department by certification of the
4 designating ordinance. The Department shall promptly issue a
5 certificate for each zone upon its approval. The certificate
6 shall be signed by the Director of the Department, shall make
7 specific reference to the designating ordinance, which shall be
8 attached thereto, and shall be filed in the office of the
9 Secretary of State. A certified copy of the River Edge
10 Redevelopment Zone Certificate, or a duplicate original
11 thereof, shall be recorded in the office of the recorder of
12 deeds of the county in which the River Edge Redevelopment Zone
13 lies.
14     (b) A River Edge Redevelopment Zone shall be effective upon
15 its certification. The Department shall transmit a copy of the
16 certification to the Department of Revenue, and to the
17 designating municipality. Upon certification of a River Edge
18 Redevelopment Zone, the terms and provisions of the designating
19 ordinance shall be in effect, and may not be amended or
20 repealed except in accordance with Section 10-5.4.
21     (c) A River Edge Redevelopment Zone shall be in effect for
22 the period stated in the certificate, which shall in no event
23 exceed 30 calendar years. Zones shall terminate at midnight of
24 December 31 of the final calendar year of the certified term,
25 except as provided in Section 10-5.4.
26     (d) In calendar years 2006 and 2007, the Department may
27 certify one pilot River Edge Redevelopment Zone in the City of
28 East St. Louis, one pilot River Edge Redevelopment Zone in the
29 City of Rockford, and one pilot River Edge Redevelopment Zone
30 in the City of Aurora.
31     Thereafter the Department may not certify any additional
32 River Edge Redevelopment Zones, but may amend and rescind
33 certifications of existing River Edge Redevelopment Zones in
34 accordance with Section 10-5.4.



09400SB1892ham002 - 4 - LRB094 11429 BDD 58806 a

1     (e) A municipality in which a River Edge Redevelopment Zone
2 has been certified must submit to the Department, within 60
3 days after the certification, a plan for encouraging the
4 participation by minority persons, females, persons with
5 disabilities, and veterans in the zone. The Department may
6 assist the municipality in developing and implementing the
7 plan. The terms "minority person", "female", and "person with a
8 disability" have the meanings set forth under Section 2 of the
9 Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with
10 Disabilities Act. "Veteran" means an Illinois resident who is a
11 veteran as defined in subsection (h) of Section 1491 of Title
12 10 of the United States Code.
13 (Source: 94SB17ham003.)
14     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
15 becoming law.".