Sen. Celina Villanueva

Filed: 5/15/2024





10300HB0277sam002LRB103 03803 LNS 73138 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 277 on page 2, line
312, after "privileges.", by inserting "If the person does not
4(i) appear in court on or before the continued court date, (ii)
5satisfy the charge without a court appearance if allowed by
6Illinois Supreme Court Rule, or (iii) satisfy the court that
7the person's appearance in and surrender to the court is
8impossible for no fault of the person, the court shall enter an
9ex parte judgment of conviction imposing a single assessment,
10specified in the applicable assessment Schedule 10, 10.5, or
1111 for the charged offense, as provided in the Criminal and
12Traffic Assessment Act, plus the minimum fine allowed by
13statute. The clerk of the court shall notify the Secretary of
14State, in a form and manner prescribed by the Secretary, of the
15court's order.".