10000SJ0062 EngrossedLRB100 21495 MST 38278 r

(As Amended by Senate Amendment No. 2)

3    WHEREAS, An efficient transportation system is critical
4for the effective movement of people, goods, and services; and
5    WHEREAS, A public transportation system that is compatible
6with proposed roadway improvements is vital to ensure a
7sustainable transportation system that supports air, rail, and
8roadway freight and commuters and international visitors; and
9    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois has not enacted a new
10infrastructure funding plan since 2009, resulting in nearly 16%
11of all bridges in Illinois considered structurally deficient or
12functionally obsolete, and nearly 73% of roads in Illinois are
13in poor or mediocre condition; and
14    WHEREAS, A financially viable, multi-modal transportation
15network can serve as an instrument to enhance livability and
16expand jobs in Illinois; therefore, be it
19CONCURRING HEREIN, that there is created the Task Force on
20Long-Term, Sustainable Infrastructure Funding to study,
21analyze, and present its recommendations for the most viable



10000SJ0062 Engrossed- 2 -LRB100 21495 MST 38278 r

1and efficient infrastructure funding plan to be utilized by the
2State of Illinois; and be it further
3    RESOLVED, That the Task Force will consist of the following
5        (1) Two members appointed by the President of the
6    Senate, one who shall be designated as co-chairperson;
7        (2) Two members appointed by the Senate Minority
8    Leader;
9        (3) Two members appointed by the Speaker of the House
10    of Representatives, one who shall be designated as
11    co-chairperson;
12        (4) Two members appointed by the House Minority Leader;
13        (5) The Secretary of the Illinois Department of
14    Transportation, or his or her designee;
15        (6) The chairperson of the Illinois Toll Highway
16    Authority, or his or her designee;
17        (7) One member representing unions with members in road
18    and bridge repair and construction, appointed by the
19    chairpersons;
20        (8) One member representing businesses that engage in
21    road and bridge repair and construction, appointed by the
22    chairpersons;
23        (9) One member representing a statewide association
24    that represents engineering companies, appointed by the
25    chairpersons;



10000SJ0062 Engrossed- 3 -LRB100 21495 MST 38278 r

1        (10) One member representing a regional planning
2    organization for northeastern Illinois, appointed by the
3    chairpersons;
4        (11) One member representing a statewide association
5    that represents businesses, appointed by the chairpersons;
6        (12) One member representing an organization that
7    advocates for transportation funding that represents both
8    business and labor interests, appointed by the
9    chairpersons;
10        (13) One member that represents a research and
11    education organization for the responsible use of land,
12    appointed by the chairpersons;
13        14) One member who advocates for bicycle and pedestrian
14    infrastructure, appointed by the chairpersons; and
15        (15) The chair of the RTA Board of Directors, or his or
16    her designee; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That all appointments shall be confirmed by both
18co-chairpersons; and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That all appointments shall be made within 45
20days after the adoption of this resolution; vacancies in the
21Task Force shall be filled by their respective appointing
22authorities within 30 days after the vacancy occurs; and be it



10000SJ0062 Engrossed- 4 -LRB100 21495 MST 38278 r

1    RESOLVED, That the Task Force members shall serve without
2compensation; and be it further
3    RESOLVED, That the Task Force may employ skilled experts
4with the approval of the co-chairpersons, and shall receive the
5cooperation of any State agencies it deems appropriate to
6assist the Task Force in carrying out its duties; and be it
8    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall meet initially at the
9call of the co-chairpersons, no later than 60 days after the
10adoption of this resolution, and shall thereafter meet at the
11call of the co-chairpersons; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall research, analyze, and
13consider, but not be limited to:
14        (1) Assessing all new potential revenue sources for
15    infrastructure funding, including but not limited to,
16    increasing the motor fuel tax, a vehicle mileage tax,
17    public-private partnerships, and new toll roads;
18        (2) Analyzing the regional economic impact of future
19    projects and providing input on how to maximize economic
20    growth, job creation, and new opportunities for industry
21    development;
22        (3) Assessing all new methods of delivery including and
23    up to Design/Build/Finance/Operate/Maintain;



10000SJ0062 Engrossed- 5 -LRB100 21495 MST 38278 r

1        (4) Developing a strategy that ensures the
2    infrastructure work supports a diverse workforce and
3    opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and
4    underrepresented groups; and
5        (5) Assessing the incorporation of green practices and
6    planning into the project, involving, but not limited to,
7    transit design and integration, construction materials,
8    and other sustainable best practices; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall present its findings
10and recommendations to the General Assembly and the Governor in
11a report on or before December 31, 2018.