HR1098LRB100 22072 MST 40301 r


2    WHEREAS, 105 ILCS 5/27-20.4 requires that every public
3elementary school and high school shall include in its
4curriculum a unit of instruction studying the events of Black
5History, including the history of the African slave trade,
6slavery in America, and the vestiges of slavery in this
7country; these events shall include not only the contributions
8made by individual African-Americans in government and in the
9arts, humanities and sciences to the economic, cultural and
10political development of the United States and Africa, but also
11the socio-economic struggle which African-Americans
12experienced collectively in striving to achieve fair and equal
13treatment under the laws of this nation; the studying of this
14material shall constitute an affirmation by students of their
15commitment to respect the dignity of all races and peoples and
16to forever eschew every form of discrimination in their lives
17and careers; therefore, be it
20Black History Curriculum Task Force is created to conduct an
21audit of every Illinois school district's history curriculum
22from K-12 to review the following: (1) Does the district's
23curricular material no matter the format contain a current unit
24on African American history, (2) At what grade school level



HR1098- 2 -LRB100 22072 MST 40301 r

1does the district begin teaching African American history, (3)
2At what level does the district stop teaching African American
3history, (4) Does standardized testing include material on
4African American history, and if so, at what levels, and (5)
5What is ISBE's position on teaching African American history,
6what are their protocols, and what are their penalties if their
7instructions are not being followed; and be it further
8    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall be comprised of the
9following members, who shall serve without compensation,
10appointed by the State Superintendent of Education:
11        (1)The State Superintendent of Education, or his
12    designee, who shall serve as chair;
13        (2)One member representing regional offices of
14    education, recommended by a statewide organization that
15    represents regional superintendents of schools;
16        (3)One member representing school boards, recommended
17    by a statewide organization that represents school boards;
18        (4)One member representing school principals,
19    recommended by a statewide organization that represents
20    principals;
21        (5)One member representing school administrators,
22    recommended by a statewide organization that represents
23    school administrators;
24        (6)One member representing teachers, recommended by a
25    statewide organization that represents teachers;



HR1098- 3 -LRB100 22072 MST 40301 r

1        (7)One member representing teachers, recommended by a
2    different statewide organization that represents teachers;
3        (8)One member representing teachers, recommended by an
4    organization representing teachers of a district;
5        (9)One member representing a school district organized
6    under Article 34 of this Code;
7        (10)One member representing large unit districts;
8        (11)One member representing suburban school districts;
9        (12)One member representing south suburban school
10    districts;
11        (13)One member representing a statewide organization
12    focused on research-based education policy to support a
13    school system that prepares all students for college, a
14    career, and democratic citizenship; and
15        (14)One member representing an education advocacy
16    organization that works with parents; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That this audit shall be completed on or before
18January 9, 2019; upon the filing of its final report, the Task
19Force is dissolved; and be it further
20    RESOLVED, That the report filed with the Clerk of the House
21of Representatives shall be provided to the Clerk in electronic
22form only, in the manner that the Clerk shall direct; and be it



HR1098- 4 -LRB100 22072 MST 40301 r

1    RESOLVED, That a suitable copies of this resolution be
2delivered to James T. Meeks, Chairman of the Illinois State
3Board of Education and to Tony Smith, the State Superintendent
4of Education.