HR0808LRB100 20181 MST 35716 r


2    WHEREAS, The Illinois State Board of Education is charged
3with setting educational policies and guidelines for public and
4private schools, preschool through grade 12, as well as
5vocational education; and
6    WHEREAS, The State Board of Education analyzes the aims,
7needs, and requirements of education and recommends
8legislation to the General Assembly and Governor for the
9benefit of the school children throughout Illinois; and
10    WHEREAS, The State Board of Education's stated mission is
11to "Provide leadership and resources to achieve excellence
12across all Illinois districts by engaging legislators, school
13administrators, teachers, students, parents, families, and
14other stakeholders in formulating and advocating for policies
15that enhance education, empower districts, and ensure
16equitable outcomes for all students"; and
17    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois recently enacted a new
18school funding formula with a historic amount of dollars
19dedicated to elementary and secondary education that the State
20Board of Education has been unable to distribute to schools
21across the State; and



HR0808- 2 -LRB100 20181 MST 35716 r

1    WHEREAS, Due to years of budget uncertainty and numerous
2State-mandated regulations, Illinois is also currently facing
3a devastating statewide teacher shortage that has left schools
4across the State without qualified teachers in many classrooms;
6    WHEREAS, The State Board of Education has recently informed
7the General Assembly that they have concerns about the cut in
8State funding that is being provided to it for administrative
9and employment purposes; and
10    WHEREAS, The State Board of Education recently posted on
11its website an advertisement concerning the position of
12"Storyteller" to serve under the Chief Education Officer; and
13    WHEREAS, The job description provides that the State Board
14of Education plans to hire three full-time "Storytellers" at a
15salary of approximately $47,400 to work in either its
16Springfield or Chicago offices; and
17    WHEREAS, These "Storytellers" will be tasked with, among
18other duties, connecting real-world practices from schools and
19districts around Illinois to show the impact of education
20policy and programs; and
21    WHEREAS, "Storytellers" are also tasked with creating



HR0808- 3 -LRB100 20181 MST 35716 r

1compelling, persuasive, relevant, and accurate communications
2content that will increase engagement with programmatic goals
3and build community support for ISBE programs; therefore, be it
6believe this is not the appropriate time for the State Board of
7Education to hire three public relations professionals to serve
8as "Storytellers"; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That we believe these tax dollars would be of
10better use in the classroom helping educate the millions of
11children that rely on a quality public education in this State;
12and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That we urge the State Board of Education to
14focus its resources and energy on distributing evidence-based
15funding on a timely basis rather than hiring additional
16employees, in an already cash-strapped State agency, to travel
17the State of Illinois promoting a public relations campaign;
18and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
20delivered to State Board of Education Chairman James Meeks and
21State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tony Smith.