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Bills Assigned To Executive Committee
102nd General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
HB 2380 (SFA 1) Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Rules Referred to Executive Committee4/8/2022
HB4777La Shawn K. Ford$NIU-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4778La Shawn K. Ford$EIU-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4779La Shawn K. Ford$GSU-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4780La Shawn K. Ford$NEIU-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4781La Shawn K. Ford$SIU-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4800Fred Crespo$CDB-CAPITAL PROJECTS-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4801Fred Crespo$CDB-OCE-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4802Fred Crespo$ATTORNEY GENERAL-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4803Fred Crespo$CENTRAL IL ECON DEV AUTH-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HB4804Fred Crespo$CIVIL SERVICE COMM-TECHAssigned to Executive Committee2/9/2022
HR316David A. WelterBUSHWACKERS-INFANTRY BADGEAssigned to Executive Committee1/5/2022
HR637David A. WelterTECH COMPANIES-FREE SPEECHAssigned to Executive Committee3/1/2022
HR671Marcus C. Evans, Jr.REMOVE CANNABIS FROM CSAAssigned to Executive Committee3/1/2022
HR707Sonya M. HarperCANNABIS EQUITY-FED SUPPORTAssigned to Executive Committee3/15/2022
HR812Lamont J. Robinson, Jr.2024 DNC CHICAGO-SUPPORTAssigned to Executive Committee4/7/2022
HJR74Brad HalbrookUS CONST-ART V-APPLICATIONAssigned to Executive Committee3/17/2022
HJR85Michael J. ZalewskiINSTANT TICKET TASK FORCEAssigned to Executive Committee3/28/2022
HJRCA12Dan UgasteCONAMEND-OFFICE OF COMPTROLLERAssigned to Executive Committee2/1/2022
HJRCA16Dan CaulkinsCON AMEND-FIREARM REG FUNDSAssigned to Executive Committee3/1/2022
HJRCA35Thomas M. BennettCON AMEND-GA-OFFICER LIMITSAssigned to Executive Committee3/1/2022
HJRCA36Tom DemmerCONAMEND-OFFICE OF TREASURERAssigned to Executive Committee3/1/2022
* indicates a special session bill