Illinois General Assembly - Representative Committees
Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Maurice A. West, II (D), 67th District
Committee Code Chairman Members Current Bills
Criminal Administration and EnforceHJUC-CAES Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Firearms and Firearm Safety SubcommHJUC-FIRE Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Higher Education HHED Katie Stuart (D)MembersBills
Judiciary - Criminal HJUC Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Juvenile Justice and System InvolveHJUC-JJSI Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Mental Health & Addiction HMEH MembersBills
Property Tax Subcommittee HREF-PRTX Sam Yingling (D)MembersBills
Public Utilities HPUB Lawrence Walsh, Jr. (D)MembersBills
Restorative Justice Committee SHRJ Kelly M. Cassidy (D)MembersBills
Revenue & Finance HREF Michael J. Zalewski (D)MembersBills
Sentencing, Penalties and Criminal HJUC-SPCP Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Reg. HJUC-SOSO Justin Slaughter (D)MembersBills
Special Issues Subcommittee HMEH-ISSU MembersBills
Utilities Subcommittee HPUB-UTIL Lance Yednock (D)MembersBills