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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Lisa M. Dugan (D), 79th District
95th General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Accountability, Subcommittee on EleHELM-ACCT Karen A. Yarbrough (D)Members
Agriculture & Conservation HAGC Dan Reitz (D)Members
Committee of the Whole HCWL Gary Hannig (D)Members
Elementary & Secondary Education HELM Michael K. Smith (D)Members
Health Care Availability Access HHCA Mary E. Flowers (D)Members
Homeland Security & Emergency PrepaHSEP Lisa M. Dugan (D)Members
Least Cost Power Procurement HPOW Robert F. Flider (D)Members
State Government Administration HSGA Jack D. Franks (D)Members
Veterans Affairs HVET Michael P. McAuliffe (R)Members