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Representative Lindsey LaPointe (D), 19th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB2304Lindsey LaPointeHOUSING-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2307Lindsey LaPointeCIVIL LAW-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2309Lindsey LaPointeDHS-NALOXONE KIT PILOT PROGRAMHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB2311Lindsey LaPointeHEALTH-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2312Lindsey LaPointeHEALTH-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2313Lindsey LaPointeHEALTH-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2321Lindsey LaPointeHEALTH-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2023
HB2365Lindsey LaPointeSOCIAL WORK-EXAM ALTERNATEHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-04338/4/2023
HB2379Lindsey LaPointe$ISAC-HUMAN SERVICES GRANTSHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee6/26/2023
HB2380Lindsey LaPointeHIGHER ED-HUM SERV LOAN REPAYHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-00316/9/2023
HB2388Lindsey LaPointeMEDICAID-PRESCRIPTION MEDSHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/19/2023
HB2456Lindsey LaPointeDHFS-SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESSHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/19/2023
HB2831Lindsey LaPointeTASK FORCE ON HOMELESSNESSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-02697/26/2023
HB2832Lindsey LaPointeDCFS-STABILIZATION HOME MODELHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB2833Lindsey LaPointeCIVIL LAW-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/16/2023
HB2834Lindsey LaPointeCOUNSELING COMPACTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB2837Lindsey LaPointeVID GAMING-FUNDS AFTER 850 MILHReferred to Rules Committee2/16/2023
HB2838Lindsey LaPointeDHS-BEHAVIORAL HEALTH FUNDINGHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/27/2023
HB2847Lindsey LaPointeINS-MENTAL HEALTH CARE ACCESSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-05358/11/2023
HB3223Lindsey LaPointeAGING-ADULT DAY SERVICES RATESHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/19/2023
HB3225Lindsey LaPointeVETERANS IN JUSTICE ACTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB3226Lindsey LaPointeVETERANS I.O.U. ACTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB3229Lindsey LaPointeINS-HEALTH CARE/RARE CONDITIONHReferred to Rules Committee2/17/2023
HB3230Lindsey LaPointeBEHAVIORAL HEALTH CRISIS CAREHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-03377/28/2023
HB3397Lindsey LaPointe$SUPREME COURT-MENTAL HEALTHHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee6/26/2023
HB3900Lindsey LaPointeDHFS-PRESUMPTIVE ELIGIBILITYHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/19/2023
HB3960Lindsey LaPointeINS-HEALTH/TELEHEALTH SERVICESHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/10/2023
HB3977Lindsey LaPointeMEDICAID-THERAPY & COUNSELINGHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/19/2023
HB4026Lindsey LaPointeRESIDENTIAL SAFETY SUPPORTHReferred to Rules Committee3/28/2023
HB4275Lindsey LaPointeSUPPORTED DECISION-MAKINGHReferred to Rules Committee1/16/2024
HB4475Lindsey LaPointeINS CD-BEHAVIORIAL HEALTHHAssigned to Mental Health & Addiction Committee2/14/2024
HB4601Lindsey LaPointe$ISAC-HUMAN SERVICES GRANTSHReferred to Rules Committee1/31/2024
HB4641Lindsey LaPointeREGULATION-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4642Lindsey LaPointeCOUNSELING COMPACTHAssigned to Executive Committee2/14/2024
HB4663Lindsey LaPointe$GRANTS-HFS-BEHAVIORAL HEALTHHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4664Lindsey LaPointeMEDICAID-COMM MENTAL HLTH CNTRHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4665Lindsey LaPointeMENTAL HLTH PROFESSIONAL GRANTHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4666Lindsey LaPointe$DHS-MENTAL HLTH PROFESSIONALSHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4667Lindsey LaPointeHEALTH-BEHAVIORAL CLINIC GRANTHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4777Lindsey LaPointeMEDICAID-NONOPIOID MEDSHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4778Lindsey LaPointeDHFS-KIDS COMM HLTH CNTER-RATEHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4805Lindsey LaPointeGAS-POWERED LEAF BLOWER BANHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HB4921Lindsey LaPointeHOME EQUITY ASSURANCE-LOANSHReferred to Rules Committee2/7/2024
HB4922Lindsey LaPointeCHILDREN-MENTAL HEALTHHReferred to Rules Committee2/7/2024
HB5012Lindsey LaPointeNURSING FACILITY-RESIDENCYHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2024
HB5022Lindsey LaPointeAPRN PSYCHIATRIC VISITSHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2024
HB5094Lindsey LaPointeDIRECT CARE EXPANSION ACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/8/2024
HB5246Lindsey LaPointeMARRIAGE/FAMILY THERAPISTHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5263Lindsey LaPointe$EV REBATE FUNDHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5280Lindsey LaPointe$SUP COURT-MENTAL HLTHHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5351Lindsey LaPointeMHDD CD-OUTPATIENT TREATMENTHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5352Lindsey LaPointeNURSING HOME-TRAININGHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5354Lindsey LaPointeCUSTOM EMPLOYMENT DISABILITYHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5355Lindsey LaPointeNONOPIOID ALTERNATIVES ACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5375Lindsey LaPointeSOCIAL WORK LICENSURE COMPACTHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HB5567Lindsey LaPointeSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/9/2024
HR125Lindsey LaPointeTARDIVE DYSKINESIA WEEKHResolution Adopted5/15/2023
HR442Lindsey LaPointeILLINOIS WETLANDS DAYHReferred to Rules Committee10/24/2023
HR547Lindsey LaPointeWORLD WETLANDS DAYHReferred to Rules Committee1/16/2024
HR588Lindsey LaPointeTARDIVE DYSKINESIA WEEKHReferred to Rules Committee2/6/2024
HJR30Lindsey LaPointeBPD MONTHSPursuant to Senate Rule 3-9(b) / Referred to Assignments6/26/2023
SB57Laura FineHIGHR ED-LOAN REPAYMENT AWARDSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-00566/9/2023
SB724Sara FeigenholtzCHILDREN BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SVCSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-05468/11/2023
SB855Laura FineSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-00766/9/2023
SB1674Laura FineSTABILIZATION SUPPORT PROGRAMSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 103-04938/4/2023