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Representative David A. Welter (R), 75th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB3309David A. WelterHEALTH-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3310David A. WelterSCH CD-DIST BOUNDARY CHANGEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3311David A. WelterCICAA-ASSESSMENT INCREASESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3312David A. WelterINS-COST SHARING/INHALANT DRUGHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3313David A. WelterTIF-CITY OF MORRIS-TIF DIST 1HPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-04738/20/2021
HB3314David A. WelterRENTAL HOUSING SUPPORT FUNDSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3315David A. WelterVEH CD-TRAILER WEIGHT TAXHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3316David A. WelterCONCEALED CARRY-RECIPROCITYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3317David A. WelterDOMESTIC VIOLENCE TASK FORCEHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-04748/20/2021
HB3318David A. WelterFIREARM OWNERS ID-18 YRSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3319David A. WelterCANNABIS-ADVERTISINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3320David A. WelterINC TX-POLLINATOR-FRIENDLYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3321David A. WelterDAYLIGHT SAVING TIMEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3322David A. WelterPROP TX-FREEZE-QUADRIPLEGICHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3323David A. WelterPROP TX-SURVIVING SPOUSEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3566David A. WelterLABOR-COUNTY BOARD EMPLOYERHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3567David A. WelterAUTO INSURANCE-CREDIT INFOHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3568David A. WelterPROP TX-QUALIFIED SR RESIDENCEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3569David A. WelterCRIM PRO-BAIL-VIOLENT CRIMESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3570David A. WelterANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3571David A. WelterEMS SERVICES-EXPIRED LICENSEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3635David A. WelterFIREFIGHTING FOAMHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB3873David A. WelterVEH CD-CONFIDENTIAL ID-BLOODHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4077David A. WelterDEPT VET AFF-DISEASE OUTBREAKSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4149David A. WelterPARENTAL MEDICAL CHOICE ACTHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4273David A. WelterCRIM CD-AGG DOMESTIC BATTERYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4297David A. WelterCOVID-19 ANTIBODIES-VACCINESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4536David A. WelterELEC CD-VARIOUSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4537David A. WelterCONCEALED CARRY RENEWALHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4538David A. WelterJUV CT-ORDER OF PROTECTIONHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4539David A. WelterLINK CARD-NO ENERGY DRINKSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4540David A. WelterFISH/HUNT LICENSE FEE VETERANSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4541David A. WelterUTILITIES-WATER & SEWER RATESHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4571David A. WelterSCH CD-FINANCIAL LITERACYHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4617David A. WelterMOBILE HOMES-FEES/RENTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4871David A. WelterREVENUE-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4886David A. WelterEDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4904David A. WelterCRIMINAL LAW-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB4953David A. WelterWILDLIFE&CRIM CD-SILENCERSHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5118David A. WelterPROP TX-SENIOR FREEZEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5119David A. WelterUNEMPLOYMENT-VACCINE WAIVERHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5479David A. WelterREVENUE-GROCERY STOREHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HB5480David A. WelterGAS REVENUE TAX-SUSPENDHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HR62David A. WelterAUDIT-LASALLE VETS-COVID19HResolution Adopted 111-000-0014/28/2021
HR264David A. WelterCONGRATS-RICHARD KOPCZICKHResolution Adopted5/4/2021
HR316David A. WelterBUSHWACKERS-INFANTRY BADGEHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HR518David A. WelterCOMMENDS- DEPUTY TYLER POSTHResolution Adopted10/26/2021
HR530David A. WelterCONGRATS-SHERIFF DWIGHT BAIRDHResolution Adopted10/26/2021
HR613David A. WelterCONGRATS-PAULINE R. NARDULLIHResolution Adopted2/15/2022
HR637David A. WelterTECH COMPANIES-FREE SPEECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HR668David A. WelterCONGRATS-ELMO RAY YOUNGERHResolution Adopted2/15/2022
HJR46David A. WelterCLARENCE ROSELAND MEMORIAL RD.HAdopted Both Houses4/9/2022
HJR47David A. WelterENOCH T. HOPKINS MEMORIAL ROADHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
HJRCA33David A. WelterCONAMEND-PROPERTY TAXHSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB227Ann GillespieCONSUMER FRAUD-TAX COLLECTIONSSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB274Don HarmonSCH CD-AG COMMITTEE-MEMBERSHIPSSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB558Don HarmonCOLLEGE SAVINGS POOL-EXPENSESSSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB622Patrick J. JoyceLAND TRANSFER-IDOTSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-01587/23/2021
SB1365Sue RezinINSURANCE-MEDICAID-WAIVER-ACASSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB1410Sue RezinFIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTSSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SB1592Laura FineINS-DENIAL/SITE OF TREATMENTSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-03228/6/2021
SB1667Linda HolmesPROP TX-ELECTRONIC RECORDSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-06258/27/2021
SB2245Julie A. MorrisonPESTICIDES-SCHOOLSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 102-05488/20/2021
SB2277Steve StadelmanNO CONTACT ORDER-SEX CRIMESSSession Sine Die1/10/2023
SJR6Sue RezinDENNIS NEARY MEM HIGHWAYSAdopted Both Houses4/4/2022