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Representative Bill Mitchell (R), 101st District - 99th General Assembly
Bill Mitchell was a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB150Charles MeierEDUC-NO EMPLOYMENT-TERRORISMHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB159Jack D. FranksPROP TX-DISABLED VETSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB291Arthur TurnerOFFICER-INVOLVED DEATHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB395Michael D. UnesINC TX-R AND D CREDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB434Ed SullivanESTATE TAX-REPEALHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB439Jay HoffmanVEH CD-TRANSPORT INSURANCEHBill Dead - No Positive Action Taken - Amendatory Veto8/26/2015
HB576Michael J. MadiganSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-03558/13/2015
HB1285Jay HoffmanEMPLOYMENT-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-048812/4/2015
HB1326Carol AmmonsEPA-PCB DISPOSALHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-03658/14/2015
HB1497Bill MitchellCONTROLLED SUB-SCHEDULE IHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1562Bill MitchellDAYLIGHT SAVING TIMEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1563Bill MitchellELEC CD-FRAUDULENT VOTINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1646Joe SosnowskiREGULATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1725Bill MitchellPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB1914Jim Durkin$DCEO-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB2262Bill MitchellTRANSPORTATION-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-05957/22/2016
HB2469Adam BrownDHS-LINK CARD-PHOTO IDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB2703C.D. Davidsmeyer$VARIOUS-PERSONAL SERVHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB2755Esther GolarMEDICALLY COMPLEX DD FACILITYHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-01807/29/2015
HB2932Keith P. SommerFLAG DISPLAY-ON DUTY TRAININGHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-03728/17/2015
HB3293Lawrence Walsh, Jr.LOW CARBON ENERGY PORTFOLIOHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3328Robert RitaICC-REPORT-EMERGING TECHNOLOGYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3578Bill MitchellCD CORR-DEATH MINOR-SENTENCEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3619Cynthia SotoEQUAL PAY COVER ALL EMPLOYERSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-04188/20/2015
HB3731Bill MitchellDHS-FOOD STAMPS-CHILD OBESITYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3735Patricia R. BellockMEDICAID SMART CARDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3736Bill MitchellSNAP-MEDICAID-WORK REQUIRMENTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3755Jay HoffmanVEH CD-FREIGHT TRAIN CREW SIZEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3769Michael J. MadiganDEPT AGRIC-PUBLIC DIRECTORIESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3877Bill MitchellDCEO-REVITALIZATION GRANTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3878Bill MitchellDHS-CRISIS MNT HLTH&DETOX FNDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3913Bill MitchellPUBLIC AID-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3914Bill MitchellSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3915Bill MitchellDHS-PATERNITY INVESTIGATIONSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3917Bill MitchellST GOVT-AIRCRAFT SALE & TRAVELHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3918Bill MitchellSCH CD-CIVICS TEST TO GRADUATEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3919Bill MitchellFIREARM OWNERS ID-DRIVERS LICHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3920Bill MitchellIDOT: TRI-VALLEY TRAFFIC LIGHTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3921Bill MitchellMEDICAID-VOLUNTARY POPULATIONSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3922Bill MitchellDRUG ABUSE-ELECTION-PUBLIC AIDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3923Bill MitchellINC TX-HIGH UNEMPLOYMENTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3924Bill MitchellHOSPITAL-SEPSIS PROTOCOLSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB3944Thomas M. BennettVEH CD-MOTORCYCLE ACCENT LIGHTHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-02428/3/2015
HB3976Bill MitchellEDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4059John M. CabelloREINSTATES DEATH SENTENCEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4225Mark BatinickGA COMP-NO FY16 COLASHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4232David B. Reis$FY16 SCHOOL CONSTRUCTIONHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4235Bill MitchellSTATE GOVT-CONTINUING APPROPHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4245C.D. DavidsmeyerSTATE GOVT-CONTINUING APPROPHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4285Adam BrownSOS-NATIONAL GUARD VET ID&LICHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4334Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.VEH CD-REGISTRATION RENEWALHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08878/25/2016
HB4348Jerry Costello, IIFIREARM OWNERS ID-LOCAL REGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4362Michael D. UnesSCH CD-COLLEGE/CAREER EXAMHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4399Bill MitchellSTATE GOV-BALANCED BUDGETHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4439Bill MitchellEDUC-STATE AID-BLOCK GRANTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4440Bill MitchellFILM PRODUCT TX CREDIT-REPEALHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4441David McSweeneyGENERAL ASSEMBLY COMPENSATIONHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4451Adam BrownSCH CD-ALT SCH FUNDING-ADAHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4452Bill MitchellCHILD CARE ASSISTANCE-AUDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4453Bill MitchellDHS-PATERNITY INVESTIGATIONSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4454Bill MitchellDRUG ABUSE-ELECTION-PUBLIC AIDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4455Bill MitchellDHS-ISP-DATABASE-CRIM WARRANTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4456Bill MitchellDHS-LINK CARD-PHOTO IDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4457Bill MitchellDHS-SNAP-CHILD OBESITYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4458Bill MitchellSNAP-MEDICAID-WORK REQUIRMENTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4459Bill MitchellPUBLIC AID-INMATES-SUSPEND AIDHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4460Bill MitchellPUB AID-UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4474Thomas MorrisonSCH CD-PUPIL PHYSICAL PRIVACYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5013Bill MitchellVEH CD-SCH BUS LIABILITY INSURHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5016Avery BourneWILDLIFE-CONCEALED CARRYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5799Bill MitchellLEAD MITIGATION NOTICE-DEEDSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5800Bill MitchellDHS-SNAP-ABAWD WAIVER REMOVALHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5801Bill MitchellSCHOOL TRANSPORT-CONTIN APPROPHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5802Bill MitchellINC TX-MANUFACTURINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5803Bill MitchellE-VERIFY REQUIRE EMPLOYERHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB5980Bill MitchellVEH CD-ACCIDENTS-CHEMICAL TESTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6107Bill MitchellCHILD CARE-CHILD SUPPORTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6108Bill MitchellMEDICAID FRAUD-PENALTIESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6138Bill MitchellEDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6423Bill Mitchell$ISBE-AGRICULTUREHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6425Brandon W. Phelps$VARIOUS-PERSONAL SERVHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6426Bill Mitchell$DCEO-ENERGY PROJECTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6561Bill MitchellLOW CARBON ENERGY PORTFOLIOHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6568Bill MitchellPPRT FUND-OVERPAYMENTSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6569Keith R. WheelerCRIM CD-LIMIT-CH SEXUAL ABUSEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6583Jim Durkin$ISBE FY17HSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB6617Bill MitchellVEH CD-IN GOD WE TRUST PLATESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR55Jeanne M IvesCOLLEGE OF DUPAGE-AUDITHResolution Adopted as Amended 111-000-0005/14/2015
HR56Bill MitchellCONGRATS - PEGGY & BOB YEAKLEYHResolution Adopted1/28/2015
HR57Bill MitchellCONGRATS - RYLIE DANNERHResolution Adopted2/25/2015
HR58Bill MitchellCONGRATS - RICHARD ROTZHResolution Adopted1/28/2015
HR73Jim DurkinHOUSE RULES-99TH G.A.HSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR107Kelly M. CassidyEDGE AUDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR125Jerry Costello, IIENVIROTHON DAYHResolution Adopted3/12/2015
HR126Mark BatinickHONORS - REP. TOM CROSSHResolution Adopted2/18/2015
HR132Bill MitchellAUDIT-DOWNSTATE MASS TRANSITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR187David McSweeneyEDUCATION PENSION COST SHIFTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR243David B. ReisKEYSTONE XL - PRES. OBAMAHResolution Adopted4/29/2015
HR250Bill MitchellEDGE AUDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR251Jim DurkinMEMORIAL - JUDY BAAR TOPINKAHResolution Adopted3/12/2015
HR372Bill MitchellCCAP AUDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR404Barbara WheelerREEVALUATE PARCC CONTRACTHResolution Adopted5/14/2015
HR414Jim DurkinJAMES ZADROGA PROGRAMSHResolution Adopted5/14/2015
HR442David McSweeneyPAY EQUITYHResolution Adopted5/30/2015
HR487Bill MitchellPENSION HOLIDAYS FISCAL IMPACTHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR543Carol AmmonsMEMORIAL - DAVE BENTONHResolution Adopted5/29/2015
HR591David HarrisGA SALARIES-STATE EMPLOYEESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR658Barbara WheelerURGE FEDS-MILITARY PROTECTIONHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR671Jeanne M IvesPLANNED PARENTHOOD PROCEDURESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR689Thomas MorrisonPLANNED PARENTHOOD FUNDINGHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR889David McSweeneyOPPOSE NEW ADVERTISING TAXESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR890David McSweeneyNO TAXES ON RETIREMENT INCOMEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR931Bill MitchellCCAP AUDITHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR950Bill MitchellCONGRATS - KEN BJELLANDHResolution Adopted1/27/2016
HR956Bill MitchellCONGRATS - OUR LADY OF LOURDESHResolution Adopted5/26/2016
HR957Bill MitchellRECOGNIZE - MAHOMET PUBLIC LIBHResolution Adopted1/27/2016
HR962David B. ReisILLINOIS FARM BUREAU 100THHResolution Adopted4/6/2016
HR1018Bill MitchellDIRECT PRESCRIPTION AD BANHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR1048Bill MitchellCONGRATS - TRI VALLEY HIGH SCHHResolution Adopted3/2/2016
HR1066Bill MitchellCONGRATS - TRI VALLEY HIGH SCHHResolution Adopted4/4/2016
HR1082Keith R. WheelerMEMORIAL - NANCY REAGANHResolution Adopted4/4/2016
HR1126Bill MitchellCONGRATS-LEROY BOYS BASKETBALLHResolution Adopted4/5/2016
HR1148Bill MitchellCONGRATS - CALVARY UNITED PENTHResolution Adopted4/12/2016
HR1258Barbara WheelerTOURETTE SYNDROME DAYHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR1289Fred CrespoIL SEPSIS CHALLENGE 5K RUNHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HR1340Bill MitchellRECOGNIZE - SCOTT BROTHERSHResolution Adopted6/29/2016
HR1473Bill MitchellCONGRATS - MARY KATEY HAYSHResolution Adopted11/15/2016
HR1532Jim DurkinRECOGNIZE - REP. A. BROWNHResolution Adopted12/1/2016
HJR54Dwight KayPARCC ASSESSMENT USEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HJRCA30Jim DurkinCONAMEND-GA/GOV TAKE OFFICEHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HJRCA36Brandon W. PhelpsCON AMEND-REVENUE-ROAD FUNDHAdopted Both Houses5/5/2016
HJRCA41Jim DurkinCON AMEND-TERM LIMITSHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB206Gary ForbyCRIMINAL LAW-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB235Jennifer Bertino-TarrantPEN CD-DOWNSTATE TEACH-120 DAYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1059Chapin RoseSTATE EMPLOYEE GROUP INSURANCESTotal Veto Stands11/30/2016
SB1426Melinda BushLOTTERY-ALZHEIMERS SCRATCH OFFSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1645Steve StadelmanUTIL-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-04208/20/2015
SB1834Daniel BissVEH CD-VIDEO EVENT RECORDERSBill Dead - Amendatory Veto9/24/2015
SB2038John J. Cullerton$JCARSTotal Veto Stands11/30/2016
SB2059John J. Cullerton$UNIVERSITIES/IMSA/MAPSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-05024/25/2016
SB2160John M. SullivanPROP TX-FILTER STRIPSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-05607/15/2016
SB2403Chapin RoseHOSPITAL-SEPSIS PROTOCOLSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08288/18/2016
SB2814Chapin RoseUTILITIES- RETAIL CHOICE-GASSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-090612/7/2016
SB2975Bill CunninghamEDUCATION-AGRICULTURAL EDSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-08268/16/2016