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Senator Scott M. Bennett (D), 52nd District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB9Scott M. BennettCOAL ASH POLLUTION PREVENTIONSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 10, 20194/9/2019
SB211Scott M. BennettPROCURE-RENEW ENERGY RESOURCESHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee4/9/2019
SB1117Scott M. BennettCOAL ASH STORAGE-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/5/2019
SB1329Scott M. BennettVEH CD-PROOF OF INSURANCESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1345Scott M. BennettFOIA-BOOKING PHOTOGRAPHSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB1468Scott M. BennettMILITARY DISCOUNT-DEPENDENTSHAssigned to Veterans' Affairs Committee4/9/2019
SB1498Scott M. BennettAGRICULTURE ED TEACHER PROGRAMHAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee4/9/2019
SB1499Scott M. BennettU OF I-VARIOUS ACTS-REPEALSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1579Scott M. BennettPROP TX-VETERANSHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee4/9/2019
SB1638Scott M. BennettPUBLIC AID-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1742Scott M. BennettESTATE TAX-EXCLUSION AMOUNTSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1761Scott M. BennettAGR-SOIL & PLANT ADDITIVESSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1788Scott M. BennettHGHER ED-DIVERSE FACULTY GRANTHAssigned to Higher Education Committee4/9/2019
SB1803Scott M. BennettINCOME TAX-SMALL BUSINESS LOANSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1805Scott M. BennettDOWNSTATE TRANS-DESIGN-BUILDHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB1817Scott M. BennettUSE/OCC TX-MID-RANGE ETHANOLSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1818Scott M. BennettFINANCE-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1881Scott M. BennettSANITARY DIST-PROPERTY LEASESHReferred to Rules Committee4/9/2019
SB1920Scott M. BennettCRIMINAL LAW-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1921Scott M. BennettCIVIL LAW-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1922Scott M. BennettCIVIL LAW-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB1980Scott M. BennettSOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTHReferred to Rules Committee4/4/2019
SB2027Scott M. BennettEPA-MAHOMET AQUIFERSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 10, 20194/9/2019
SB2065Scott M. Bennett$U OF I-GENERAL APPROPRIATIONSSAssigned to Appropriations II3/5/2019
SB2098Scott M. BennettCRIMINAL LAW-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB2127Scott M. BennettEDUCATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/15/2019
SB2133Scott M. BennettFOIA-PRIVATE INFO DEFINESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB2137Scott M. BennettPREPAID TUITION ACT APPROPSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 10, 20194/9/2019
SR20Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-DR. MERRILL HUFFMANSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR21Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-JAMES HARDYSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR25Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-DR. JOSEPH KARINATTUSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR51Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-REV. CANON FLATTERYSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR52Scott M. BennettNUTRIENT LOSS REDUCTIONSResolution Adopted4/12/2019
SR55Scott M. BennettMETASTATIC BREAST CANCER DAYSResolution Adopted2/21/2019
SR90Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-NICHOLAS A. ELIZONDOSResolution Adopted2/7/2019
SR94Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-JAMES P. WARFIELDSResolution Adopted2/7/2019
SR97Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-JOSE VELAZQUEZSResolution Adopted2/7/2019
SR117Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-WILLETA MAE DONALDSONSResolution Adopted2/21/2019
SR197Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-BERNADINE STAKESResolution Adopted3/7/2019
SR198Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-HELEN CORNWELLSResolution Adopted3/7/2019
SR219Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-MORRIS L. HECKER JR.SResolution Adopted3/14/2019
SR252Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-CHARLES NOGLESResolution Adopted3/28/2019
SR256Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-EUGENE V. THOMPSONSResolution Adopted3/28/2019
SR302Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-FRANK GALLOSResolution Adopted4/4/2019
SR311Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-JAMES R. SPENCERSResolution Adopted4/12/2019
SR342Scott M. BennettMEMORIAL-LOIS BOYERSResolution Adopted4/12/2019
HB344Thomas M. BennettAUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC MONITORSReferred to Assignments4/10/2019
HB2103Bob MorganSANITARY DIST-PROPERTY LEASESSReferred to Assignments3/20/2019
HB2252Carol AmmonsCLERKS-GENDER-NEUTRAL LANGUAGESReferred to Assignments3/27/2019
HB2264Charles MeierAGR-COOPERATIVE TRUST FUNDSReferred to Assignments4/4/2019
HB2719Carol AmmonsHGHER ED-DIVERSE FACULTY GRANTSReferred to Assignments4/11/2019
HB2737Michael HalpinSOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTSReferred to Assignments3/27/2019
HB3584Kambium BucknerVICTIM STATEMENTS-DISCOVERYSReferred to Assignments4/12/2019
HB3667Jerry Costello, IIHORSE RACING-FAIR RACESSReferred to Assignments4/9/2019
HB3668Jerry Costello, IIEGG/EGG PRODUCTS-NEST RUN EGGSSReferred to Assignments4/9/2019