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Senator Julie A. Morrison (D), 29th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB21Julie A. MorrisonTOBACCO PRODUCTS-UNDER 21SRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB25Julie A. MorrisonMHDDC-PSYCHIATRIC EXAMHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB56Julie A. MorrisonBOAT SIZE FOX WATERWAYSReferred to Assignments1/16/2019
SB57Julie A. MorrisonELEC CD-MAIL BALLOTSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB67Julie A. MorrisonELEC CD-SCHOOL POLLING PLACESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB68Julie A. MorrisonINC TX-ORGAN DONATIONHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB81Julie A. MorrisonPROPERTY TAX-ASSESSMENT CAPSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB89Julie A. MorrisonCRIM CD-FIREARM SAFETY DEVICESSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB99Julie A. MorrisonFIREARM DISPOSITION RECORDSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB107Julie A. MorrisonCRIM CD-ASSAULT WEAPON BANSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB111Julie A. MorrisonINS CODE-DENTAL ANESTHETICSHAssigned to Insurance Committee4/9/2019
SB121Julie A. MorrisonUSE/OCC TAX-AMMUNITIONSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB123Julie A. MorrisonINC TAX-R AND D CREDITSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB125Julie A. MorrisonMHDD CD-ELECTROCONVULSIVE-JURYSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB180Julie A. MorrisonETHICS-MEMBER LOBBYINGSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB182Julie A. MorrisonESTATES-HEALTH DIRECTIVESHReferred to Rules Committee4/12/2019
SB190Julie A. MorrisonPERSONNEL CD-ELIGIBILITY LISTSHReferred to Rules Committee4/12/2019
SB238Julie A. MorrisonBOAT SIZE FOX WATERWAYSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB452Julie A. MorrisonEDUCATION-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB661Julie A. MorrisonREGULATION-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB683Julie A. MorrisonREVENUE-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB714Julie A. MorrisonSAFETY-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB717Julie A. MorrisonSAFETY-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB726Julie A. MorrisonPERSONNEL-INTERNS-DISABILITYHReferred to Rules Committee4/12/2019
SB781Julie A. MorrisonWILDLIFE-TECHSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/12/2019
SB1136Julie A. MorrisonCMS PROGRAMS-AGENCY ATTENDANCEHAssigned to State Government Administration Committee4/9/2019
SB1145Julie A. MorrisonGUNS-MENTAL HEALTH-REPORTINGSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1151Julie A. MorrisonSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/5/2019
SB1161Julie A. MorrisonSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/5/2019
SB1231Julie A. MorrisonVEGETATIVE BUFFERS-STATE LANDSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/22/2019
SB1239Julie A. MorrisonANCRA-CRIM INVESTIGATIONSHAssigned to Adoption & Child Welfare Committee4/9/2019
SB1291Julie A. MorrisonAMBULATORY TREATMENT CENTERHAssigned to Health Care Licenses Committee4/9/2019
SB1318Julie A. MorrisonREGULATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/7/2019
SB1387Julie A. MorrisonSTATE TREASURER-ABLE ACCOUNTHAssigned to State Government Administration Committee4/9/2019
SB1392Julie A. MorrisonPRAIRIE RESEARCH-MICROPLASTICSHReferred to Rules Committee4/10/2019
SB1409Julie A. MorrisonSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/13/2019
SB1449Julie A. MorrisonINS CD-MENTAL HEALTH PARITYHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB1480Julie A. MorrisonLINE OF DUTY BURIAL BENEFITHAssigned to Appropriations-General Services Committee4/9/2019
SB1497Julie A. MorrisonCRIM CD-ASSAULT WEAPON BANSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/28/2019
SB1659Julie A. MorrisonIDPH-HPV VACCINATIONSTabled By Sponsor Sen. Julie A. Morrison3/13/2019
SB1702Julie A. MorrisonMHDD CD-ADV PRACT PSY NURSEHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB1778Julie A. MorrisonANCRA-MANDATED REPORTERSHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB1796Julie A. MorrisonAGG ASSAULT&BAT-VET&SERVICEMEMHReferred to Rules Committee4/11/2019
SB1797Julie A. MorrisonCHILD WELFARE WORKFORCEHAssigned to Adoption & Child Welfare Committee4/9/2019
SB1827Julie A. MorrisonGOVT ETHICS-ECONOMIC INTERESTSHAssigned to Executive Committee4/9/2019
SB2050Julie A. MorrisonVEH CD-DISABILITIES AWARENESSHAssigned to Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee4/9/2019
SR32Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-JUDY ABRUSCATOSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR33Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-GEORGE R. FLOURETSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR34Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-EPHRAIM AXELRODSResolution Adopted1/31/2019
SR86Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-BARBARA BROWNSResolution Adopted2/7/2019
SR87Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-MARGARET HARTSResolution Adopted2/7/2019
SR99Julie A. MorrisonTRAUMA-INFORMED AWARENESS DAYSResolution Adopted3/21/2019
SR110Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-THOMAS HENRY RITTERSResolution Adopted2/21/2019
SR111Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-LISA A. KOUKOSSResolution Adopted2/21/2019
SR195Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-HARRISON STEANSSResolution Adopted3/7/2019
SR196Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-KENNETH R. BRADYSResolution Adopted3/7/2019
SR248Julie A. MorrisonFOSTER CARE SHADOW DAYSAssigned to Human Services3/26/2019
SR339Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-RICHARD DRAZNERSResolution Adopted4/12/2019
SR340Julie A. MorrisonMEMORIAL-EDWARD COLLINS JR.SResolution Adopted4/12/2019
SJR8Julie A. MorrisonTROOPER LAMBERT MEMORIAL HGHWYSReferred to Assignments1/23/2019
SJRCA4Julie A. MorrisonCON AMEND-REDISTRICTINGSReferred to Assignments1/30/2019
HB345Camille Y. LillyTOBACCO PRODUCTS-UNDER 21HPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 101-00024/8/2019
HB1475Terri BryantSEIZURE SMART SCHOOL ACTSReferred to Assignments4/10/2019
HB1551Sue SchererJUV CT-FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMSReferred to Assignments4/4/2019
HB2028Bob MorganST POLICE-BURIAL REIMBURSESReferred to Assignments4/12/2019
HB2142William DavisMHDD CD-COUNSELING SESSIONSSReferred to Assignments3/20/2019
HB2160Deb ConroyDRUGS-PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FORMSReferred to Assignments3/27/2019
HB2200John C. D'AmicoVEH CD-COURT ORDER RESCISSIONSReferred to Assignments3/27/2019
HB2259Sara FeigenholtzDHFS-MCO PREFERRED DRUG LISTSSReferred to Assignments4/11/2019
HB2837Kelly M. BurkeSTATE TREASURER-ABLE ACCOUNTSReferred to Assignments4/3/2019
HB2847Deb ConroyORGAN DONOR PROTECTIONSSReferred to Assignments4/11/2019
HB2987William DavisDISABIL-CRIM JUST-TASK FORCESReferred to Assignments4/3/2019
HB3038Michael D. UnesSEXUAL ASSAULT-TREATMENTSReferred to Assignments4/10/2019
HB3226John ConnorVEH CD-FIRST OFFENDER LICENSESReferred to Assignments4/12/2019
HB3435Jonathan CarrollINS CODE-EPINEPHRINE INJECTORSReferred to Assignments4/3/2019
HB3437Kambium BucknerVEH CD-DISABILITIES AWARENESSSReferred to Assignments4/3/2019
HJR17Bob MorganTROOPER LAMBERT MEMORIAL HGHWYSReferred to Assignments3/13/2019