Illinois General Assembly - House Committee Hearings
Illinois General Assembly

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101st General Assembly
Judiciary - Civil Committee
** Canceled **

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Hearing Scheduled for Feb 26, 2020

Chairperson André Thapedi
Vice-Chairperson Ann M. Williams
Republican Spokesperson Margo McDermed
Scheduled Date:Feb 26, 2020 8:30AM
Location:Room D-1 Stratton Building
Springfield, IL
Posting Date:Feb 20, 2020 11:14AM
Subject Matter:
Clerk of the House John W. Hollman

Bill #SponsorABR - Short DescriptionLast Action
HB185La Shawn K. FordIMDMA-EQUAL PARENTING TIMEAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB185La Shawn K. FordHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB255Will GuzzardiRENT CONTROL PREEMPTION ACTTo Commercial Law Subcommittee
HB1604Ann M. WilliamsTITLE INS-CHOICE OF COMPANYTo Commercial Law Subcommittee
HB2494La Shawn K. FordVEH CD-CHILD SUPPORT REPEALTo Family Law Subcommittee
HB3489Aaron M. OrtizIMMIGRANT PROPERTY PROTECTIONAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB3884Jehan Gordon-BoothHUMAN RTS-DISCRIMINATION-RACETo Family Law Subcommittee
HB3884Jehan Gordon-BoothHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB3916Jay HoffmanMUNI CD-ADMIN HEARING OFFICERTo Civil Procedure Subcommittee
HB4050Daniel DidechPROBATE-REPORTTo Family Law Subcommittee
HB4050Daniel DidechHouse Committee Amendment No. 2 Rules Refers to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4068Daniel DidechDEED RESTRICTIONS-SOLAR PANELSTo Civil Procedure Subcommittee
HB4249Robyn GabelCIV PRO-PERSONAL ACTIONSTo Civil Procedure Subcommittee
HB4251Emanuel Chris WelchPROBATE-PERSON CAUSING DEATHAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4315Sonya M. HarperAGRITOURISM LIABILITY ACTAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4350Marcus C. Evans, Jr.VEH CD-DEPOSIT OF SECURITYAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4375Rita MayfieldDETECTIVE-INJUNCTIVE RELIEFAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4562Thomas M. BennettPROBATE-GUARDIAN-DECISIONSAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee
HB4563Thomas M. BennettPROBATE-TEMPORARY GUARDIANAssigned to Judiciary - Civil Committee