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House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force - Documents

100th General Assembly
MembersNotice of MeetingsDocuments 
AG handout
Agenda 7-30-18
Agenda 9-11-18
Anti-Harassment Proposal 2-27-18
Chicago Commission on Human Relations Chart
CPSJ PJ flyer for House Taskforce_
EEOC Promising Practices
ICPR Alisa Kaplan House task force testimony on sexual harassment
IDHR 1-29-18 Presentation
Introduction to the Office of Compliance(1)
Joint Task Force Hearing Packet March 27
Mona Noriega CCHR-Chair Statement
NCSL Sexual Harassment LegisBrief
OEIG Written Testimony 1-11-18
One Page Summary Gov. 60 Day DHR-HRC Action Plan
Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement An Overview_CPSJ
Sexual Harassment EEOC Complaint Process
Steven Berlin Chicago Board of Ethics Statement
Task Force Agenda 1-11-18
Task Force Agenda 1-29-18
Task Force Agenda 11-28-18 & Overview
Task Force Agenda 11-29-17
Task Force Agenda 12-11-17
Task Force Agenda 2-13-18
Task Force Agenda 2-27-18
Task Force Agenda 3-13-18
Task Force Agenda 3-6-18
Task Force Agenda 4-19-18
Tom Homer Written Testimony 7-30-18
Weiss Philippe Photo Bio (CHI)
Women Employed Power Point 11-29-17